The Elder Scrolls – Blades is a mobile game developed and published by Bethesda. It’s an RPG game that takes place in the same universe as the world famous Skyrim. Since April 2019 it’s been in early access where only a limited number of players are able to test and play the game before its global release. There are several game modes available: Town, Abyss and Arena.

The Town is the place where you’ll spend the most time, it was ravaged by mercenaries sent by the Bloodfall Queen and your mission is to rebuild the Town to its old glory while seeking revenge from whoever destroyed it in the first place and defending it from a variety of monsters and enemies.

The Abyss is a never ending dungeon where you explore an infinitely generated set of halls and caverns, defeating monsters in your way while receiving greater rewards the deeper you go. Each level you go down increases the difficulty but the rewards get better too.

Arena is not open during the Early Access phase but we can expect it to be the multiplayer side of the game where you can face your friends and random people over the world searching for greatness and big rewards.

While progressing on the game you can get and improve a variety of armors, weapons, potions, skills, abilities and perks that will make your experience evolve and enjoyable at the same time.

This website aims to be a source of information for new and experienced users where they can find a knowledge base of everything that exists on The Elder Scrolls – Blades.

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