Hide Armor Set

This is the very first armor set you can expect to get in The Elder Scrolls – Blades. It’s cheap, sturdy, versatile and perfect for players who use abilities heavily in their early game because of its Stamina regeneration perk. It consists of 5 pieces and when you have the whole base set you will have a total of 92 armor and +14 Stamina regeneration.

Hide Armor Set total stats

PieceArmorBlockStamina regenCost (pelt)Cost (gold)
Hide Helmet220+28165
Hide Armor380+310297
Hide Gauntlets160+28121
Hide Boots160+28121
Hide Shield045+57270

Crafting the full Hide Armor Set from the Smithy will cost you 41 pieces of pelt and 974 gold. Not too bad for your initial set!

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