Iron Armor Set

The Iron Armor Set is the best armor you can get at the beginning of your Journey in The Elder Scrolls – Blades. All the pieces can be found in Bronze or Silver Chests and if you are missing some of them they can easily be crafted for cheap at a level 1 Smithy so you don’t need to upgrade it before completing your Iron Set.

This set provides very good protection against initial enemies and limited protection against medium ones. When you have the whole base set you will have 122 Armor which is 30 more than the full Hide Armor Set.

PieceArmorBlockCost (Iron ingots)Cost (gold)
Iron Helmet2908198
Iron Armor51010341
Iron Gauntlets2108143
Iron Boots2108143
Iron Shield0607300

Crafting the full Iron Set from scratch will cost you 41 Iron Ingots and 1,125 gold.

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