Steel Armor Set

When you get tired or think the Iron Armor set is not enough for the level of monsters you are fighting regularly then the most obvious upgrade is the Steel Armor set. All the pieces are easily found on Silver Chests (sometimes you get one or two from Bronze Chests) or Gold Chests will get you Steel pieces with some serious upgraded features. If you are missing some pieces then you can craft them in a level 2 Smithy.

This set provides great defense against low level monsters and average defense against mid level monsters. All in all, if you get the whole set on a base level (without any upgrades nor tempering) you are getting 60 more points of armor compared to the Iron Armor Set, that’s a very important improvement.

PieceArmorBlockCost (Iron ingots)Cost (Steel ingots)Cost (gold)
Steel Helmet44058308
Steel Armor760610550
Steel Gauntlet31058220
Steel Boots31058220
Steel Shield09046408

Crafting the full Steel Set will cost you 1,721 gold, 40 Steel ingots and 25 Iron ingots.

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