Steel Armor

The increased protection and durability over iron makes this Steel Armor highly sought after by all manner of adventurers.

This is the centerpiece of the Steel Armor Set. It improves greatly the defense stat offered by your chest plate compared to the Iron or Hide armors. It’s common to find it in Silver Chests or if you are lucky in a Bronze chest. If you are not one of the lucky ones, you can upgrade your Smithy to level 2 and craft it there using 6 Iron and 10 steel ingots.

There are lots of variations and improvements that can be done to this armor but even a barebones Steel Armor will be a pretty solid choice for you equipment if you want to progress in the early stages of the game. It’s really good defending against rats, and bandits and also has boosted condition that makes it last longer before needing repairs.

Base Stats



Superior Steel Armor

This variation of the chest piece offers no extra benefits other than increased armor (+8), increased condition (+12) and a change in the rarity from common to uncommon.

Superior Steel Armor
Superior Steel Armor

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