Steel Shield

Constructed primarily from wood, but reinforced with steel made from smelted iron, the Steel Shield provides enhanced resistance and durability.

The Steel Shield is a loyal companion in The Elder Scrolls – Blades. Being better than the Hide, Iron and Leather shield you’ll be much more confident blocking and parrying enemies in your quests and jobs. It looks like a piece of rusty wood but the reinforced steel makes it more durable than its counterparts (25 more durability compared to Iron and Hide shields).

You can get this shield from Bronze, Silver or Gold chests but you can also go ahead and craft it from a level 2 Smithy using 6 steel and 4 iron ingots. It’s absolutely worth it if you are using a one handed weapon such a steel sword or a steel battle axe to complete your Steel Armor Set.

Steel Shield
Steel Shield

Base Stats



Superior Steel Shield

This is just a tempered version of the item. It doesn’t provide any extra features other than improved Condition, Block and Bash values.

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