Wolves are one of several animal enemies you can find in The Elder Scrolls: Blades. On one side they are pretty easy to beat but on the other side they have a special dynamic for attacks that can throw you off on your first encounters. If you swing at them while they are retreated your attack won’t do anything because they are “physically apart” from you. There are three main ways of dealing damage to them:

  1. Using magic or abilities that can hit them while they are “away” from you.
  2. Timing your swings (melee attacks) to land precisely when they try to attack you.
  3. Bashing them with a shield that does fire/shock damage on blocks.

That being said, wolves typically have very low health so you can beat them in one to three attacks.

Wolves are weak to shock and slashing (daggers, longswords and greatswords) damage but they resist bashing fire and frost damage.

Types of Wolves

Timber Wolf

Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf

The very first type of wolf you’ll find in the game, pretty easy to beat, you just have to get used to their attack dynamic.

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