Steel Armor

The increased protection and durability over iron makes this Steel Armor highly sought after by all manner of adventurers. This is the centerpiece of the Steel Armor Set. It improves…

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Iron Shield

Though not as durable as its Steel counterpart, the Iron Shield still provides adequate protection in combat. Shields are one of those things that can make or break your character.…

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Iron Gauntlets

Heavy Iron Gauntlets may not be known for their durability, but they offer effective protection for those unable to afford other, pricier equipment. Being stronger than your enemy is one…

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Iron Armor

Though surpassed by steel and other metal armors, Iron Armor remains a steadfast means of protection for young warriors and veterans alike. The cornerstone of the Iron Armor Set: The…

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Hide Shield

The studded Hide Shield offers basic protection from physical attacks while helping warriors regain Stamina quicker. +5 Stamina regeneration per second Strictly speaking a shield is not a wearable piece…

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