Considered the big brother to the Longsword, the Greatsword is a heavy two handed slashing weapon capable of inflicting huge blows and devastating critical hits to your enemies. Being two handed means it cannot be combined with a shield but it does have some important blocking capabilities (not at a shield level but at least you won’t feel you are defense naked).

Being a slashing weapon also means it’s good against wolves and bad against skeletons just like the Longsword and Dagger, both slashing weapons. Its massive damage output can be increased even more by tempering the weapon in a Smithy.

There are several variations of Greatswords made with different materials and having a long list of extra benefits if you are lucky enough to find one in a chest, here are the basic ones:

Iron Greatsword

The two-handed Iron Greatsword, though simply made, can sever its fair share of limbs before requiring repairs.

Iron Greatsword
Iron Greatsword
NameRarityDamageDPSBlockConditionGoldIron ingotsBrass ingotsTopaz

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